I apologize for not having been as regular on the updates. I will do my best to resolve this.

In charismatic Christiandom, preachers and teachers will sometimes remind the congregation that instead of asking God for more power infusions from the Holy Spirit, they ought to take an account of how many gifts and how much power has already been given (and to then properly apply those) rather than to take what’s already been received for granted. In my art education, I have made the same mistake, of underestimating how much I have already received from my teachers, and instead of trusting God’s faith in me and using what I’ve been given, I had placed my faith in the art education system. This isn’t to say that art education is bad, but I had made an idol out of the system, believing that if I could just complete x amount of courses or programs, I would be able to get a job from it.

Taking my tiny portfolio of 3 whole pieces to Illuxcon was a good test of faith and skill, rewarded with good feedback and encouragement from many artists much better than I. The above images display a fan piece I began back in August in anticipation for the release of Mists of Pandaria, but was delayed in finishing due to school (TAD). Jeremy Wilson impressed on me the importance of having stuff to show around for feedback at Illuxcon, so I ditched all my classes to grind it out (maybe not the best decision from the educational standpoint, but I needed to do it). The top image shows what I thought was the finished product when I brought it to Illuxcon, and the bottom image is the finished version after applying a lot of the feedback I received at Illuxcon.

Illuxcon itself was a wonderful event, and I do not even have the words right now to describe all the cool and awesome things that went on, and the cool and awesome people that I got to meet and befriend. Anyways, I’m going to get back to my drawing so as to apply everything that I’ve learned from the portfolio critiques. Thanks for stopping by.


Blade of Aiur
En Taro Tassadar!

This is a commission I did for a friend of mine, who is a big SC2 esports fan and a Protoss player. Built the painting off of the upper left thumbnail from the sheet of thumbs. This is pretty much the testament of everything I learned this past semester from comp n’ color and fig 101. This is also the fastest image I’ve completed since graduating university, largely because of comp n’ color. I said to Marshall Vandruff, “I get it, 70% of the work is finding the right comp, the rest is just details and refinement,” and he was so pleased to hear that.


It’s the end of the semester and i’m really feeling the pressure. About a month ago I really hit a point where i stopped caring about half of my classes in order to focus more on the other half (ironically the classes i really started focusing in on are the reverse of the classes i thought would be the most useful to me when i started). John English, if you’re reading this, I am definitely in favor of making foundations 1 into two separate semesters! I kinda wish I originally signed up for part time right now actually… and pending finances, I may end up just doing part time next semester, if attending at all (finances pending). Still, gotta make the most and best of what remains with what I got on hand.

here are some thumbnail sketches for Comp n’ Color that I whipped up last night and am feelin’ kinda proud of.

brush strokes are kinda loose. Right now, Luke “Mr–Jack” Mancini and Noah Bradley are probably the biggest influence on my compositions, color choices, and digital mark-making.

hah, my dad threatened to kick me out of the house next year too, so i better get my ass into high gear and pull my portfolio together and land that gig at blizzard or something.

here are some figures from this week: