2020-2021 retrospective

I’m now two years into this Honkai streaming journey. This wall of text will serve as a record for the archive.

I had downloaded the game in 2018 at global server launch while I was still on overseas assignment with the military, but at the time I only played for a week. The game was only 1GB back then. Upon returning home, I logged in once more, just as the Fu Hua event with Valkyrie Accipiter and Phoenix had released on GLB.

Fast forward to 2019. My grandfather passed away in September that year, and I furiously grinded out many ink works that following October to process. Then came November. I fired up Honkai on my phone looking for a way to fill time (or procrastinate) while in my art studio. It was patch 3.5 back then, in the middle of the Arc City story, with Chapter 13. I played every day until I realized that my aging Galaxy S7 Active could no longer keep up with the game. I would resort to playing on emulator, but it appeared that I had returned to the game just in time: the PC client was released December 26th, 2019, along with patch 3.6. When my parents visited me that year, I noticed myself playing the game so much that I figured I might as well stream my dailies. My video of the original Sanka Saga event EX fights still remain one of most watched relative to the rest of my Youtube channel.

Eventually, I would find a few serious Honkai communities online that I would learn from, eventually landing in Nubskate‘s discord (a smaller but adjacent community to HI3 Central, though currently no longer public). Nubskate(SEA), now retired, at the time was still producing Honkai guides on youtube for Memorial Arena complete with essays explaining detailed mechanics. I would grind and stream every day throughout 2020 while getting coached through battlesuit and boss mechanics from Toki. At the time, Deffy would come over to Honkai after playing Girls FrontLine, and I would meet Himitsou who also streamed on-and-off in the category as well. As well, Selephim and Ryuko, and Angelkat77, and many others in the directory.

I grinded two accounts all through Masters tier, and broke through on my main account on EU server over the summer. My Americas account would remain F2P during this time, and I left that account in Masters as a teaching tool. As time went by, I would slowly struggle my way to higher goals. Superstring Dimension released in the fall, and by December I would reach my first Nirvana bracket retention. In October, I would resume producing ink works (not yet updated on this site at the time of this writing) which would then gain the notice of Honkai community manager, Tofu. I would then be invited to the content creator discord. It struck me as a funny thing that I would get noticed for my fan art first before my streaming efforts, where by this point I felt like I was one of the more active streamers in the Twitch directory.

Then in 2021, significant growth thanks to Mihoyo picking me up as one of their streamers for the GLB special programs. Selephim would recommend me as the pre-show for 4.6, and then the community team would give me a chance for 4.7 and 4.8. Selephim and I would alternate every two patches there after. MG reached out to me for his podcast around this time, and eventually formed a network of likeminded content creators. This year was the point where I would experience some level of burnout due to the pressure of the game. I cut my streaming schedule from 7 days a week down to 4 days at some point. Still, I pushed on.

If there’s anything I’ve learned this year, it’s that people enjoy watching me self-destruct over Honkai endgame content. I’ve gotten moderately good at the game.

For 2022, I’ll continue grinding towards Twitch Partner. I’m still a bit stubborn about producing edited videos for Youtube, but when it comes to growing platform and reach, I don’t think I can ignore it. For now at least, my CN Beta videos have been doing alright compared to the rest of my channel. Also in my mental checklist is feeling like I need to grind some other kind of creative output in order to earn money, especially with illustration/painting. Still need to do some more planning with that. Anyways, that’s all for now.