best tuesday.

I had the best Tuesday of my life.

It started Monday night, waking up at 4pm. I took my sister to see Expendables 2 (mozzarella stick, delicious and full of cheese).
Afterwards, I worked on my cube for Linear Perspective while listening to some powermetal.
4AM rolls around, and now EPS Berlin Open is on (European SC2 tournament!) I tune in, as I continue to grind on the cube construction, while updating the Liquipedia (starcraft 2 pro-scene/tournament wiki) and monitoring @sc2quotes on twitter…
5AM rolls around, it’s time for GSL Season 4 Code S, Group B! sickest games all morning! time to dual monitor to watch both events, while continuing to build my cube, update scores on LP, and retweet funny quotes.
6AM, get my coffee and turn on OSL round of 16…

at this point, 3 concurrent esports streams, art homework, LP, and sc2quotes… I feel like i could sing  Totalbiscuit’s “I am more esports than you” song

anyways, i push on after all the broadcasts end. eat a quick lunch, and keep on drawing/cutting matte boards for my cube— pull out my 3M Super 77 and spray adhere everything together.
perfect cube:

and to top off an excellent day, my reference cast for Cast Drawing arrived in a box. AND a check in the mail for $100 USD, and also the M:tG cards i ordered last week arrived too!

and now here are some block-in practice i did for cast drawing (I GET TO LEARN FROM THE FAMOUS MINDCANDYMAN!):


It’s the end of the semester and i’m really feeling the pressure. About a month ago I really hit a point where i stopped caring about half of my classes in order to focus more on the other half (ironically the classes i really started focusing in on are the reverse of the classes i thought would be the most useful to me when i started). John English, if you’re reading this, I am definitely in favor of making foundations 1 into two separate semesters! I kinda wish I originally signed up for part time right now actually… and pending finances, I may end up just doing part time next semester, if attending at all (finances pending). Still, gotta make the most and best of what remains with what I got on hand.

here are some thumbnail sketches for Comp n’ Color that I whipped up last night and am feelin’ kinda proud of.

brush strokes are kinda loose. Right now, Luke “Mr–Jack” Mancini and Noah Bradley are probably the biggest influence on my compositions, color choices, and digital mark-making.

hah, my dad threatened to kick me out of the house next year too, so i better get my ass into high gear and pull my portfolio together and land that gig at blizzard or something.

here are some figures from this week: