It’s the end of the semester and i’m really feeling the pressure. About a month ago I really hit a point where i stopped caring about half of my classes in order to focus more on the other half (ironically the classes i really started focusing in on are the reverse of the classes i thought would be the most useful to me when i started). John English, if you’re reading this, I am definitely in favor of making foundations 1 into two separate semesters! I kinda wish I originally signed up for part time right now actually… and pending finances, I may end up just doing part time next semester, if attending at all (finances pending). Still, gotta make the most and best of what remains with what I got on hand.

here are some thumbnail sketches for Comp n’ Color that I whipped up last night and am feelin’ kinda proud of.

brush strokes are kinda loose. Right now, Luke “Mr–Jack” Mancini and Noah Bradley are probably the biggest influence on my compositions, color choices, and digital mark-making.

hah, my dad threatened to kick me out of the house next year too, so i better get my ass into high gear and pull my portfolio together and land that gig at blizzard or something.

here are some figures from this week:


my dad told me to go get a job.

here’s some stuff i been workin’ on,
the flat shape sketch

and some comp studies

Mr Jack is probably one of the most influential artists for me right now as far as techniques go. His digital markmaking is very painterly, and i think it’s pretty cool. His creature designs are pretty sick too, but no surprise Because that’s what he got hired at Blizzard for (He’s part of Team 1, doing concept art on SC2). go visit his DeviantArt page (mr– and see if you can find which images i did studies from.

and here’s a batch of figure drawings from this week:
these are probably my best set of figure drawings, really tried to push the dark shape design placement a bit compared to previous sets


you’ve got to grind, grind, grind, at the grindstone

it takes a spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down.

here are some of the last couple of weeks of figure drawings that i never got around to posting up:

2hr drawing

distortion/foreshortening gestures (2 min):

distortion/foreshortening (10 minute):

distortion pt 2 (2min):

distortion/foreshortening pt 2 (10 min)

okay, hopefully i’ll have something from my other classes to post up soon.