Wolverine and the X-men

Team Wolverine all the way. Here’s the an updated version.
 here’s the older version

I had a lot of fun, but the cover paper material didn’t receive some of the inks well so I had some accidental smudge problems. I tried to fix those with some white ink, and that’s where the bluish spots come in =\
not quite satisfied with how the claws turned out, but I did like the hair part, where it ended up being the center piece black shape. I feel like his hair is the next iconic element to the character when his claws aren’t the focus.
depending on the feedback I get in class, i might go back in with some watered down ink for the background to help the vignetting of the piece…

Sure felt nice to be able to watch GSL in the morning while working again too, that’s definitely what i hate most when a season ends. It’s a damn shame that Chris “Huk” Loranger didn’t make it past Code A round 1 though =\
I feel like if he had beaten Startale_Hack in the first game in the series, ST_Hack wouldn’t have gotten cocky enough to pull the heavy one base aggression in game 2. ST_Hack played really well, but I think other than Startale fans, most every non-Korean was probably rooting for Huk.

Resurrection Day & GSTL Season 1 Finals

Happy Resurrection Day! Even in the design of the Ark of the Covenant, the covering on the box where the cherubim cover, called the Mercy Seat, was placed over the judgments of the Law. Mercy triumphs over judgment, and thank you Jesus for the blood sprinkled on the Mercy Seat.

MarineKingPrime scored a 4kill to seal the 5-2 victory for the Prime Clan over Team Startale in the GSTL Season 1 finals in Las Vegas. There was that one controversial game 4 where MarineKingPrime versus Startale_Parting that had a disconnect right as MarineKing was possibly about to lose, resulting in a re-game wherein MarineKing won…

Here’s the pencil preview for my cover for KT Benefit Auction. Let me catch my breath before I lay in the inks.