Jungle Shaman [Reckless Deck]


Made with Reckless Deck. Thanks to Jeremy Wilson for letting me borrow your cards this time around.


Heroes of Gallipae

Some new work that I did for a local game designer. He is working on a tabletop role-playing rule set.



2015 post-mortem

I had originally wrote a draft 1600+ words covering the last five years, but then I realized this week it was no longer necessary. All my previous blogs cover the last five years fairly well, but the short of it is that 2012 defined my life in a negative way, and I never forgave myself for spending so much just to re-learn what I had already received for free. I am finally able to let it all go this year.

Finally getting a day job has accelerated this year and I really haven’t made a lot of time for finished work, other than the Blizzard Heroes of the Storm contest piece. Most of my sketches were posted to Instagram as I still haven’t taken time to scan my sketchbook drawings going as far back as October 2014.

My goals for 2016 will be to set up an oil painting space in my room and start working more traditionally hereafter, hopefully achieving a good balance between digital and traditional.


VIP Meet and Greet [art fight club – July]


forĀ artfightclub.net

this is Alice from Dan LuVisi’s Last Man Standing series. I painted her before.