(Nsfw) figure drawing, 10-28-2014

I saw the great Albert Epshteyn, my old figure drawing teacher,  on my way to figure drawing on Tuesday. He smiled when I told him that I was going to draw. The extra lighting effects I put on at the end to give it a more “finished” feel. Painted in photoshop.



nsfw figure painting (2014-10-21


Since the sessions have consistently been at 2 hours instead of 3, we opted for 2 long poses (2x 20min) and 1x 25min, after the 10 gestures.  I’ve been doing a lot of sketchbook art for #inktober but I have been posting those to twitter and facebook. I might compile them and share them here later on.



figure drawing 2014-10-14 (nsfw)




Late to update this week. Model was a no-show so Larry, the legend himself, modeled for us. For the color portion, I was experimenting with using photo-adjustment layers to paint. There are some cool effects but it definitely is restrictive; definitely more additive in color than normal digital painting; more akin to marker or watercolors layering.