Sonata Arctica, Delain, Xandria

Figure drawing this week ended up being canceled. There were only two artists in attendance: myself, and the person hosting.

To make up for the lack of drawings and paintings, I will share some of the photos from the Sonata Arctica concert that I attended, at the Baltimore Soundstage. Enjoy my 50mm prime lens amateur photography (in the truest sense of the phrase). More images will be posted to my deviantART concert photography folder.

IMG_0063 (above) local metal band Omnislash opened the evening. They had a killer cover of 2 Minutes to Midnight.

IMG_0083German symphonic metal band Xandria. I think I have a crush on the singer. One of the guitarists was not able to make the tour so a guitarist from Serenity (another of my favorite bands) was filling in.

IMG_0283Dutch symphonic metal band Delain. They were here around the same time last year supporting Kamelot.

IMG_0428The masters themselves, Sonata Arctica, from Finland. They celebrate 15 years of powermetal. That night was guitarist Elias’s 500th show with Sonata Arctica since the time he joined the band.

A fun time was had, much fist-pumping and head-banging. The drive back was hell, though. I didn’t make it home till 5am after dropping off the friends who were riding with me.

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