storm druid



I made this drawing last week, inspired to get back to the roots of what made drawing fun for me in the beginning. This is very much inspired by the classic Samwise/Metzen style of the Sons of the Storm. Classical Blizzard Style, if you will.

Friday sketches

It’s MLG Anaheim this weekend. It’s been a long while since I mentioned e-sports on this blog. Here’s a sketch loosely inspired by Edge of Tomorrow (which I still haven’t seen yet, but planning to). I had thumbnailed the image back at Jeremy Wilson’s booth during RVA’s First Friday. I would definitely like to push this sketch further, and maybe change up the color scheme to differentiate it from Edge of Tomorrow.



Here’s another ultra-loose virtual plein air sketch from the last two. I don’t think I’m spending enough time with these, but they get so boring so fast. I think I would have more fun maybe working in oils. I might just do studies from Noah Bradley’s ref packs instead.


Reflections on life and the ivory tower of the soundbooth

I haven’t made any serious artwork from my main PC since I got the Cintiq. I’d like to reincorporate the PC back into the workflow of the paintings just because I have a larger monitor to work with. Moments like this make me question if I should have gotten the 22HD Cintiq desktop display instead of a Cintiq Companion. The price points are within a 500 usd margin, but the 22HD would have operated as a 3rd monitor for my PC, and the larger display real estate would be quite comfortable to draw on. I’ll keep it in the back of my mental wishlist. 

I’m taking life one day at a time. Sure, I’m keeping eyes forward and leaving mental space to plan for the future, but I’m not going to worry too much about it. One foot in front of the other, one step at a time. Eventually I will whittle through all the things getting between me and the things that I want to accomplish, both in physical training and in creative projects. 

My little brother’s got a model kit that I would like to finish this summer. It’s no Gundam but it’ll do.

Sketch Dump Spring 2014

mistydragon1 tyraelT2 usasoc-study1 virtualpleinair1


These are some additional images I worked on this past season, mostly sketches and studies. The Tyrael concept was based on WoW T2 Paladin armor, intended for Heroes of the Storm. The 3rd was a photo study from USASOC’s flickr account. The 4th was a virtual plein air exercise.