Caveman stage of a painting



When I showed one of my gamer buddies the initial block-in of my dryad painting, he said, “It looks like a caveman painting.”

So here’s my caveman stage for a fan piece for Dan LuVisi’s Last Man Standing property, after the character Alice, who is the gunstar with a gun-tar. I’ve been following the development of this IP probably as early as 2009, before Mr. LuVisi had to make changes to supporting character back-stories. In the particular case of Alice, the design of gun-tar had changed from the original concept to the painting that was published in the LMS Killbook. I wanted to re-design it further, being slightly unsatisfied with the version in the book.  I’ll explain the changes I made to the gun-tar design in a later post when I have a more refined painting of the gun-tar and it’s gunstar.

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