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Mingye’s Decade Retrospective 201X

What a time to have been alive. I think going in to 2010, I was at a church conference at Catch the Fire Toronto for that New Year’s Eve. I spent the rest of that trip watching anime with my cousin. These days I’m still watching a lot of anime but I’ve since erred towards … Continue reading


I think it is time to revitalize this web log as a content platform. Something to call my own, someplace to call home. Someplace to just dump huge-ass walls of text. A recap on where I have been and what I have been up to: I started working a desk job back in 2015, at … Continue reading

Heroes of Gallipae

Some new work that I did for a local game designer. He is working on a tabletop role-playing rule set.

2015 post-mortem

I had originally wrote a draft 1600+ words covering the last five years, but then I realized this week it was no longer necessary. All my previous blogs cover the last five years fairly well, but the short of it is that 2012 defined my life in a negative way, and I never forgave myself … Continue reading

Upon the Altar of Storms

This is my entry in the recent Heroes of the Storm contest hosted by Blizzard through deviantART. Blizzard Characters featured in this image include: Elite Tauren Chieftain (in Starcraft 2 Terran marine armor), Tyrael (in Warcraft paladin Judgement armor with Ashbringer), Sylvanas and Raynor (default appearances), and Sgt. Hammer (level 8 colors). A higher resolution … Continue reading